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Prediction: Denver will win Super Bowl because of lower unemployment rate

From clairvoyant camels to prognosticating porcupines, everyone has a wacky way of predicting the Super Bowl winner.

Well, here’s a new one.

The Broncos will defeat the Panthers because Denver has a lower unemployment rate, according to RiseSmart, a company that specializes in career transitions.

The San Jose-based company crunched the numbers, and their results show 26 of the last 35 Super Bowls have been won by the city with a lower jobless rate. (The 1985 Bears was one of the nine outliers.)

From RiseSmart:

RiseSmart’s Super Bowl Predictor, based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, analyzes the jobless rates in the competing cities in the calendar year preceding the game. Through November 2015, the average unemployment rate for the Denver metropolitan area was 3.9 percent. Despite the Panthers’ superior record, Charlotte’s unemployment rate of 5.4 percent indicates that Vegas’ pick for the win will not prevail on Super Bowl Sunday.

Check out all the results, HERE. And, let’s hope RiseSmart is right or that unemployment rate could change.