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Super Bowl media day has changed from 30 years ago [GALLERY]

It wasn’t quite the spectacle it is today, but 30 years ago the Bears were media darlings. From William “Refrigerator” Perry to Walter Payton, everyone wanted a piece of Da Bears.

But it wasn’t always easy. Payton could be just as elusive off the field as he was on. Check out this story from the Chicago Sun-Times in 1986 recounting media day, as Payton pulled a “Marshawn Lynch.”

Walter Payton outsmarted a bunch of newsmen yesterday to make his exit from a Superdome photo session.

Trying to leave the field, Payton was blocked by media folks walking backward in front of him.

“Watch out for that bag!” Payton said to the cameramen, pointing to their feet.

The cameramen stopped abruptly and parted. Payton deftly dashed through the hole, jumped over the bag, cut for the sidelines, then turned upfield to make his getaway.

But it didn’t stop photographers from capturing a few moments with the great running back. Check these images of the Bears and Patriots leading up to the Super Bowl in 1986.

Super Bowl media day in 1986