Monday Letters: A tradition of ‘socialism for the rich’

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Critics of the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders cite his advocacy of “socialism.” Their criticism is leveled at those who want “something for nothing” and seek to “take from those who have and give to those who don’t.”

But who has benefitted the most from America’s “socialistic” tendencies? What about the auto industry in 2009? The tax breaks for wealthy corporations and individuals? The subsidies to fossil fuel companies? Our nation has a history of socialism for the rich and well-connected while denigrating the same aid for the elderly, disabled, unemployed and just plain poor.

Let’s be fair. All Americans should benefit from our social safety net and our wealth. We shouldn’t deny needed help to the poor and otherwise unfortunate while showering it on those who are already wealthy because they have bought and paid for political connections.

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows


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Trump “hate” list longer than supporter list

I’ve compiled a list of the population groups that Donald Trump doesn’t like or has offended. This includes: Hispanics, African Americans, Syrians, Muslims, Chinese, the handicapped, Democrats, Republicans, all politicians, special interest groups, refugees, illegal immigrants, released prisoners of war, women, TV stations, journalists and reporters. Has any group been overlooked?  If so, please forgive me. The list appears to grow larger each day — and so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up to date.

Journalists tell us Trump’s main supporters are white, blue-collar, middle-aged, male workers.  We can’t dispute this since it appears they are one of the groups not represented on the hate list above.

Trump’s campaign staffers must be anxious for the primary elections to end very soon.  As long as these elections continue, Mr. Trump might say something offensive about the white male workers and end up losing his main support group.

Now, wouldn’t that be a shame.

Fran Hensley, Hoffman Estates

Cut the candidate bashing

The embarrassing, seemingly endless scrambling for the presidency must be making our United States the laughing stock of much of the world.

Will we ever again see leaders who honestly announce who they are, what they do, have done, or will do, without bashing, demeaning, or gossiping about their opponents? How low-class will we continue to go? Furthermore, we need commanders, not controllers or conquerors. Citizens require only excellent role models and mentors, not abusive, uncivilized, or dysfunctional ones.

Leon J. Hoffman, East Lake View

Needed: “Ballyhoo” sifters

As a retired educator who spent a career extolling the virtue of education, it is disheartening to see a wave of anti-intellectualism taking hold in the country — a virtual dumbing down of our culture.

Examples: Being thoughtful, courteous, civil and rational seems to be taking a back seat to being crass, crude, arrogant, brash and vulgar. A surefire way of becoming an instant TV celebrity is to do something idiotic and say something stupid.

For our democracy to thrive, it is absolutely necessary that we have an educated and informed populace that can sift through the rhetoric and ballyhoo when choosing someone to hold office. It also means being able to deal with an ever-changing world instead of being caught up in a bygone era where superstition, ignorance, racial and religious prejudice prevailed.

 Ned L. McCray, Tinley Park


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