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Pablo Sandoval is the latest ‘crying Jordan’ victim

The Michael Jordan crying meme has struck once again.

After the Boston Globe ran images of Pablo Sandoval’s gut hanging out of his shirt at Red Sox spring training, it was only a matter of time before the picture was photoshopped to include Jordan’s tearful mug.

The veteran third baseman’s weight has become the talk of Red Sox spring training after the Globe reported that manager John Farrell said Sandoval needed to come to camp in better shape. Sandoval refuted the idea that the team told him he needs to lose weight, though.

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The 29-year-old’s weight might not be an issue if he wasn’t coming off the worst season of his eight-year MLB career. In 126 games for Boston in 2015, Sandoval had a slash line of .245/.292/.366 – well below his previous career average of .294/.346/.465.

Stats via Baseball-Reference