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Sandra Bland’s mother campaigns for Clinton in South Carolina

WASHINGTON — With South Carolina Democrats voting on Saturday, the mother of Sandra Bland, the Naperville woman found hanged in a Texas jail cell following an arrest for a traffic stop, is in the Palmetto State stumping for Hillary Clinton.

Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, introduced Clinton when the former secretary of State was in Chicago last week. She is part of a group of five mothers, whose children died from gun violence or while in police custody, traveling around South Carolina throwing a spotlight on Clinton through a series of “Breaking Down Barriers” forums.

On Tuesday, Reed-Veal will appear at the Central Baptist Church in Columbia along with Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin; Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner; Maria Hamilton, the mother of Dontre Hamilton; and Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis.

Clinton’s South Carolina campaign is looking to turn out a big vote among blacks — especially African-American women. My column on Clinton, rival Bernie Sanders and the African-American vote is HERE

To complement this ground-game message, the Clinton campaign also is running a paid ad narrated by Morgan Freeman about Clinton fighting the violence that took the lives of Bland and others titled, “She’s Always Stood With Us.”