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Tracy McGrady says Kobe Bryant was obsessed with emulating Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant has frequently been labeled as this generation’s Michael Jordan – a comparison that Tracy McGrady says Bryant welcomed.

In a segment with ESPN, McGrady said the Lakers legend was intent on emulating the Bulls great.

“When we were teenagers … I would stay with him out in L.A. and this guy would always watch Michael Jordan home movies,” McGrady said. “He set his goals to surpass Jordan.”

McGrady’s comments came a day after Bryant played his final game at the United Center – a 126-115 Bulls win.

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Prior to the game, Bryant discussed his desire to join the Bulls back in 2007, and told reporters that it wasn’t a fear of playing in Jordan’s shadow that kept him away from Chicago.

“Do I seem like the type to cower to something like that?” Bryant asked, via ESPN. “C’mon, man. No.”

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The potential trade that would have made Bryant a Bull never happened, but if it had, Bryant said he would have enjoyed the chance to play in “The House that Jordan Built.”

“So if I was fortunate enough to come here, if that trade had happened and I’d be here, it’s not a pressure situation to live up to what he’s done,” Bryant said, via ESPN. “It’s more, can I carry on this man’s legacy? Can I do it justice? Can I represent Chicago the way that it should be represented in his honor? Just a tremendous, tremendous amount of influence.”

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