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Former Bears lineman Austen Lane shares absurd questions he was asked at NFL Combine

The 2016 NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Embed from Getty ImagesNo matter how much pro prospects prepare for the NFL Combine, they’ll likely never be ready for some of the questions that will be asked by NFL scouts.

Former Bears lineman Austen Lane found this out firsthand while attending the combine back in 2010, and he shared some of those questions in a series of hilarious tweets on Tuesday.

Lane must not have come up with the right answers as he fell all the way to Jacksonville in the fifth round.

Self described on in his Twitter profile as “A BASE jumping, crocodile wrestling, shark diving, volcano luging, bear fighting, snake wrangling, motoX racer whose blood pressure is pretty solid,” Lane retired last year after bouncing around between the Jaguars, Chiefs, Lions and Bears.

The 2016 combine kicks off this week in Indianapolis.

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