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Bulls are 50-1 to win the NBA Championship

The Bulls' odds to win the NBA Title have fallen dramatically. | AP

Heading into this season, most oddsmakers had the Bulls as the second-best team in the Eastern Conference and gave them a decent shot at winning the NBA Title.

Some had them listed as low as 12-1 to win their seventh championship in franchise history.

That was before Fred Hoiberg’s laid-back approach, Joakim Noah’s season-ending injury, the disappearance of their defense, etc.

After the trade deadline, updated its odds, dropping the Bulls to 50-1.

The long odds, though, are more a reflection of the Golden State Warriors’ dominance than the Bulls’ dysfunction. The defending-champion Warriors, who were listed as a 5-1 second-favorite to the Cavs, have now fallen to 4-7 as they home in the 72-win record. The Raptors are the only team that has jumped ahead of the Bulls since the opening lines were posted last June.


Odds to win NBA Title

Golden State Warriors: 5/7

Cleveland Cavaliers: 12/5

San Antonio Spurs: 7/2

Oklahoma City Thunder: 10/1

Los Angeles Clippers: 25/1

Toronto Raptors: 40/1

Boston Celtics: 50/1

Chicago Bulls: 50/1

Miami Heat: 60/1

Atlanta Hawks: 80/1

Indiana Pacers: 100/1

Houston Rockets: 125/1

Memphis Grizzlies: 150/1

Washington Wizards: 150/1

Dallas Mavericks: 250/1

Detroit Pistons: 350/1

Charlotte Hornets: 500/1

Utah Jazz: 600/1

Portland Blazers: 750/1

Orlando Magic: 900/1

New Orleans Pelicans: 1000/1

Sacramento Kings: 1000/1

Milwaukee Bucks: 1500/1

New York Knicks: 2000/1

Brooklyn Nets: 10000/1

Denver Nuggets: 10000/1

Minnesota Timberwolves: 10000/1

Phoenix Suns: 12000/1

Odds to meet in the 2016 NBA Finals

Warriors/Cavaliers: 3/5

Spurs/Cavaliers: 9/5

Thunder/Cavaliers: 6/1

Clippers/Cavaliers: 14/1

Warriors/Raptors: 16/1

Odds to win 2016 NBA MVP

Steph Curry, Warriors: 2/7

LeBron James, Cavaliers: 4/1

Kevin Durant, Thunder: 6/1

Kawhi Leonard, Spurs: 12/1

Chris Paul, Clippers: 15/1

Odds to win 2016 NBA scoring title

Steph Curry, Warriors: 3/5

Kevin Durant, Thunder: 4/1

Russell Westbrook, Thunder: 5/1

James Harden, Rockets: 15/1

DeMarcus Cousins, Kings: 75/1

Odds to win 2016 NBA Rookie of the Year

Karl-Anthony Towns, Timberwolves: 3/2

Kristaps Porzingis, Knicks: 5/2

Jalil Okafor, 76ers: 12/1

Nikola Jokic, Nuggets: 14/1

Myles Turner, Pacers: 14/1

Odds to win the 2016 NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Draymond Green, Warriors: 2/1

DeAndre Jordan, Clippers: 2/1

Kawhi Leonard, Spurs: 6/1

Hassan Whiteside, Heat: 12/1

Jae Crowder, Celtics: 60/1