Letters: Sounding off on proposed tax credit for soundproofing by O’Hare

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An American Airlines airplane prepares to land from the east at O’Hare International Airport. File photo by Tim Boyle for the Sun-Times.

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Please tell me why I as a taxpayer need to pay for house soundproofing around O’Hare airport?Either let the existing noise program cover the cost or place a tax on the airlines as they create the noise issue (“O’Hare-weary homeowners could get insulation tax credits” — Feb. 22).The state of Illinois needs to spend money on other items like school funding or balancing the budget.Chicago politiciansseem to want to spend everyone’s money on issues that they create.

John Pachuta, Crete

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Fearing a Trump presidency

Neil Steinberg writes that the Donald Trump candidacy “isn’t funny anymore” (Feb. 21).Mr. Steinberg is too kind.Trump’s candidacy was never funny.

As a conservative who votes moderate Republican, Trump’s campaign has disgusted me from Day 1.Trump represents everything that is wrong with the right wing of my party, and he most decidedly doesnot speak for the vast majority of Republicans.Mr. Trump is unapologetically sexist, racist, jingoistic and often just plain ignorantof almost everything needed to be our president.

He claims to be an outsider when in fact, as a billionaire real estate developer, he is the poster boy for insiders.Worst of all, perhaps, from the first he has campaigned as if he were seeking the office of king or dictator, not an elected executive.He debases our political process while he panders to the prejudice and bias of his followers.That a man like this can succeed in our elections makes me fear for the future of our country.

James A. Byrne, Lansing

City Hall’s heavy-handed move

The eminent domain declaration issued by City Hall on the old post office building seems very heavy handed given the amount of money the current owner has already expended (“Tired of waiting, Emanuel moves to acquire, redevelop old Main Post Office” — Feb. 20). The idea of micro apartments should appeal to business interests in the Loop and politicians in general.Is this just another attempt by the current administration to squeeze blood from a turnip?

Mike Koskiewicz, Portage Park

Equal justice for all

We cannot have a state’s attorney who incorrectly charges an off-duty police officer who shoots an unarmed black young female standing in a crowd. The officer was not chargedappropriately with murder but prosecuted for manslaughter. It precipitated him being found not guilty.Everybody should be equal for justice to prevail. Absolutely nobody should be considered above the law. Individuals who violate our laws have to be prosecuted without exception. Selective criminal prosecution is just unacceptable and anti-democratic, undermining administration of justice and societal equality.

Ballard J. Powell, Beverly

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