Derrick Rose sits out a third-straight game, while Jimmy Butler gets good news

SHARE Derrick Rose sits out a third-straight game, while Jimmy Butler gets good news

Derrick Rose was able to go through a workout with Fred Hoiberg on Saturday morning, testing the right hamstring tendinitis that has sidelined him for now three games.

There was improvement, but still not enough for Rose to take the court against the Portland Trail Blazers.

“Still sore,’’ Hoiberg said of his point guard. “I actually worked Derrick out [Saturday] morning and he looks a lot better than he did the last couple days but still having trouble exploding off that leg.’’

Hoiberg did say that there was no MRI planned or concerns that it was anything more serious than what the training staff determined. That’s why Rose will stay a day-by-day evaluation.

“A lot of it is based on feel,’’ Hoiberg said. “He wasn’t moving around great. Better than the last few days, but he’s still got a pretty good limp. We got him some conditioning. We really wanted to push him and test it, so we did some full-court conditioning. A lot of shooting drills. He got through a lot of it, but again, he got pretty sore at the end and still wasn’t able to explore off that leg. Just wasn’t quite ready yet.’’

Hoiberg did reveal that it wasn’t just the hamstring holding Rose back. Once again, the term “general soreness’’ was thrown out there to explain why Rose has deemed himself out.

“That hamstring tendon is where it is,’’ Hoiberg said. “It’s pretty localized there. He’s got some other general soreness, but that’s the issue right now. When he tries to explode off that he gets a pretty good pain in that area.’’

As far as the other major injury plaguing the roster, the Bulls did run Jimmy Butler through another MRI to see the progress of his left knee strain, and there was some positive news to come out of it.

“Looked good,’’ Hoiberg said. “The swelling is significantly down. Now it’s just a matter of Jimmy getting back out there and getting his timing and conditioning back and getting comfortable. He still hasn’t exploded off one leg. He’s done some two-foot jumping and lateral slides. Now it’s about getting him in scrimmage-type situations and getting him ready to play.’’

Which means still no definite timeline.

“We’ll get more of an idea after he tests it once he gets on the floor and does some two-on-two, three-on-three, work him up to some five-on-five. Right now it’s too early to tell.’’

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