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Adam Wainwright says Wrigley is his favorite place to play

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Adam Wainwright has a surprising amount of love for Chicago.

In a recent interview with ESPN, the Cardinals ace said not only does he love playing in the Windy City, he loves nearly everything about Chicago, too.

“It’s a great rivalry,” Wainwright said. “It’s my favorite place to play. I love pitching at Wrigley. I love the restaurants in Chicago, I love the people in Chicago, I love going out and getting booed like crazy during batting practice. I love the mean tweets I get from all the Chicago fans, It’s a fun rivalry to have and I’m glad it’s back.”

The Cubs’ struggles from 2010-2014 had a simmering effect on the rivalry, but things heated up again last season – culminating in Chicago’s NLDS win over the Cardinals in October.

Wainwright was limited to only relief appearances during that series as he recovered from an Achilles tendon rupture that cost him nearly the entire season. But he told ESPN that he’s “feeling great” now, and was named St. Louis’ Opening Day starter this week.

The Cardinals won’t get their first taste of the Cubs until April 18 in St. Louis, but Wainwright said they can already feel the “Cub love.”

“Everyone’s aware (that the Cubs are the favorites). And that’s fine,” he said. “They’re gonna be tough, but we think we’re gonna be pretty tough, too.”

Only 38 days until Opening Day.

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