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Autographed Kyle Schwarber windshield to be auctioned off

The windshield smashed by Kyle Schwarber will be auctioned off for charity.

Plenty of people have paid to repair a windshield, but how many have paid for a cracked one?

The windshield smashed by a Kyle Schwarber home run ball at Cubs spring training last week will be auctioned off for charity this spring, according to

Peter Gesler, the owner of the car, told allowing the piece of shattered glass to benefit charity was the right call.

“It really belongs to the Cubs family,” he said via “We’ve been met with such generosity that we thought this was the right thing to do.”

Following his BP session, Schwarber reached out to windshield repair company Safelite via Twitter and arranged for the glass to be replaced.

Workers came out to the Cubs’ facility and fixed Gesler’s windshield, but not before Schwarber autographed the shattered piece.

Somehow Gesler’s experience wasn’t enough to teach fans not to park within striking distance of home plate. Schwarber reportedly dented another vehicle later in the week.