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Trevor Cahill is selling his enormous home in Scottsdale

There is a lot of money to be made in baseball, even for a journeyman relief pitcher. After being traded in the middle of last season, Trevor Cahill found a home in the Cubs bullpen.

Now that he’s settled in with a new contract, Cahill is ready to move on from his past, specifically, his huge Scottsdale home. Cahill spent three seasons with the Diamondbacks before going to Atlanta and eventually the Cubs.

Cahill’s former home is nothing short of spectacular, but it’s also priced as such. The five-bed, five-and-a-half bath home is going for a little less than $1.75 million.

So far, Cahill has made nearly $32 million as a pitcher. This year the Cubs will pay him another $4.25 million before he hits free agency in 2017.

Of course, with that the new buyer is getting plenty of house. The home includes a big kitchen, movie theater, back deck with built-in grill, weight room, pool and closets bigger than some Chicago apartments.


Trevor Cahill’s Scottsdale home