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Cam Newton on his relationship with Michael Jordan

Cam Newton speaks to the collected media at the Super Bowl about his relationship with Michael Jordan. (Photo via AP Sports Outtakes on YouTube)

As always, there are more than enough story lines heading into Super Bowl 50. But almost without debate, the biggest star of this week has been Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

As big of a star as Newton is, he’s far from the biggest star in Charlotte. That title still belongs to Bulls legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan. With both in the same city, the two superstars have developed a bit of a relationship.

NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk first talked about the relationship last month, saying Newton reached out to Jordan, asking about success and reaching the next level. Newton was briefly asked about his relationship with Jordan and what it takes to be a star on the biggest stage.

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Jordan has supported both Newton and the rest of the Panthers during their trek to the Super Bowl. The NBA legend was sitting in a team box during the NFC Championship game, enjoying Carolina’s win over the Cardinals.

Earlier in the week, Newton joked about LeBron James being the “Cam Newton” of power forwards. If the Panthers win Sunday, he will match James in at least one category. Although he’d need at least five more years if he wants to catch Jordan.