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President Obama shows his Bulls love while honoring Golden State

President Obama knows how to work a room, he’s also never been shy about his love of the Chicago Bulls. Thursday, the Golden State Warriors made their trip to the White House, but the President was really only concerned with one person.

With the team behind him, President Obama welcomed someone from the greatest team in NBA history – Steve Kerr.

Of course, Kerr was on the 1995-96 Bulls team that holds the record for most wins in NBA history. Or at least they do for now. Kerr could help break that record, now coaching the Golden State team that is on pace to top 72 wins.

The joke was met with plenty of smiles and laughs from the Warriors. Although, if they don’t return to the White House next year, getting win 73 won’t mean much.

Kerr hasn’t been with the team for very long so far this season. After offseason back surgery forced him away from the team for the first three months, Kerr finally returned to the bench in late January.