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O.J. Simpson’s white Ford Bronco found—report

For a day in 1994, it might have been the most talked-about vehicle in the world when millions watched on live TV as O.J. Simpson and friend Al Cowlings led police on a low-speed chase around Los Angeles.

For the next 20-plus years, the white 1993 Ford Bronco has pretty much vanished and no one was really sure of its whereabouts.

Well, it’s been found in a garage in Northern California, according to Inside Edition.

On Tuesday, Inside Edition’s Jim Moret will report on the man who owns the car, which has added just 20 miles since that infamous day.

From Inside Edition:

The owner said he bought the car as an investment and he’s now trying to preserve everything original from it – even going as far as keeping the tires in the trunk and taking the gas out to store it in a gas can.

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