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Jimmy Butler will miss the All-Star Game and will be on the shelf for the next three-to-four weeks

Life isn’t about to get any easier for the Bulls.

The team announced on Tuesday afternoon that after guard Jimmy Butler was re-examined by team physician Brian Cole, not only is this weekend’s All-Star Game in Toronto out of the question, but the team will be without Butler’s services for the next three to four weeks with that strained left knee.

According to the Bulls, Butler has already started the rehab process that goes along with this type of injury, with the main goal to keep him from getting deconditioned before he returns.

Butler originally suffered the injury in the second quarter of Friday’s game in Denver, but actually started having troubles with the knee back on Feb. 1, late in the Utah loss.

As far as the All-Star Game, Butler was selected as an Eastern Conference reserve by the head coaches.