Letters: Shame on aldermen looking to strip power from inspector general

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Ald. Ed Burke (14th) wants to limit the powers of the inspector general. File photo by Brian Jackson for the Sun-Times.

It is incredible that in the year 2016 dinosaurs like Ald. Carrie Austin and Ald. Ed Burke can torpedo good government attempts to bring best practices and transparency to city government. Government of, by and for the people. To have to rely on an inspector general to protectthe interests and taxes of the people from their elected representatives — and without a word of supportfrom the mayor — is appalling. We have no right to judge the rest of the world when, “as a city upon a hill,” our nation wasto be an example for all mankind. What a mockery Austin and Burke have made of government. It is shameful. I hang my head and dread the future of Chicago.

Robert L. Johnson, Lincoln Park

Something to hide?

Who are the aldermen kidding?They don’t want Inspector General Joe Ferguson or anyone in this position because they do have something to hide. If they didn’t, why oppose it? Ald. Anthony Beale, Ald. Ed Burke and Ald. Carrie Austin have much to explain to voters. Why are they so adamant not to approve Ferguson?Voters are sick and tired of the corruption in City Hall.

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

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Support for Pfleger

I take exception to a recent “Reader Feedback” letter that suggested Fr. Michael Pfleger be banished to a “quiet suburban parish.” First, Fr. Pfleger is following in the footsteps of other great Chicago priests including Bishop Sheil, who supported the organizing activities of Saul Alinsky; Monsignor Egan, who marched with Dr. King in Selma, Alabama; and Monsignor McDermott, who tirelessly ministered to the homeless and addicted on Skid Row. Second, was Jesus crucified because he was a good rabbi?No!The Romans crucified Jesus because he was an agitator, a provocateur, a troublemaker. In my eye, any priest unwilling to make his congregation and the civil authorities at least mildly uncomfortable and introspective is not following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Reid Mackin, West Ridge

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