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Oh, no, Proco Joe

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The Sun-Times does not endorse candidates in ward committeeman races.

Committeeman in Chicago is just a party job, even if he or she sometimes is the real power in the ward and can tell the alderman to sit, roll over and bark.


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So imagine our surprise when we saw a campaign flyer for Ald. Joe Moreno, who is running for Democratic committeeman of the 1st Ward. The flyer carries the Sun-Times’ logo, which makes it look like we endorsed this guy, above a quote that reads “…showing political courage.”

This is a deception. Moreno is not playing straight with the voters. Call it an implied lie.

Our mistake in this was daring to say something nice a couple of weeks ago about Moreno. In an editorial about city finances that had nothing to do with the committeeman race, we did say he was “showing political courage.”

We’ll have to rethink our praise for Moreno in the future.

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