Sneed exclusive: What would Bill do as first husband?

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Bill Clinton attends an organizing event for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, this week in Evanston. | Ashlee Rezin | Sun-Times

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If former President Bill Clinton became the nation’s first husband, what role would he play?

In an exclusive interview late Thursday night, Sneed chatted with former first lady Hillary Clinton about her hubby and the traditionally female bastion of the East Wing of the White House — before her late-night flight to former first lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral Friday in California.

“Nancy Reagan was a great partner to President Reagan,” Hillary told Sneed after a late-scheduled campaign rally in Vernon Hills.

“She was very gracious in giving me advice.”

Which led to the obvious question: How would Hillary view Bill’s White House role?

“He would be an incredible partner!” an animated Hillary exclaimed.

“Look what he brings to the family table. Look at his work with the economy! Nobody did it better in recent years!”

“Certainly I would ask for advice. Of course. Everybody brings their own experience when confronting challenges.”

“She had great respect for Mrs. Reagan,” a close Hillary source said.

“They operated in different ways as their husbands’ advisers; but they also had very different husbands.”

Stay tuned for the complete Hillary Clinton interview with Sneed on Sunday, where Donald Trump is a topic.



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So how does Hillary Clinton, who looks sensational up close — and appears to be wearing similar tailored suit tops in stunningly different fabrics highlighted by a necklace — stay so trim?

“Diet by goldfish,” a Hillary source chirped.

I presume that means Hillary is eating yummy “Goldfish” brand crackers?

Richie Richie Richie whoaaa!

Former Mayor Rich Daley, who has been under the radar for the past year, is happy, doing well since recovery from his stroke, traveling on business, and spotted on the private pal party circuit squiring around a new femme.

Stamp of approval!

Post it! British developer Bill Davies, who owns Chicago’s long vacant Old Main Post Office now being seized by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is not new to criticism he can treat postal property like snail mail.

• Translation: Davies, who has been blasted by critics for doing little to develop the behemoth Chicago postal structure he bought in 2009, had a similar problem in Liverpool, England, irking municipal leaders for not developing their old post office purchased in 1986. “By 2002, city council leaders called for the site to be “compulsorily purchased,” which Davies eventually sold to a Manchester development firm,” a city source tells Sneed.

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Saturday’s birthdays: Mitt Romney, 69; Liza Minnelli, 70, and Marlon Jackson, 59.

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