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Sunday Letters: Beware of both Donald Trumps

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

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So Ben Carson says there are two Donald Trumps. That’s disturbing all by itself. The public has never seen this other “cerebral” Trump. The only one on display at his rallies and news conferences is the Donald Trump whose aggressive bombast succeeds in inducing violence in his audience, violence against people of color or anyone who appears to disagree with his hateful rhetoric. He is unfit for any public office and the number of people who support him, vocally and sometimes violently, is frightening. How is a voter supposed to know which Donald Trump they are voting for?

Michael Hart, West Ridge

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Chicago’s got bigger problems

I am quite sure there are more pressing issues at this time for Ald. Ed Burke than the problem of chewing tobacco on baseball fields in Chicago. I don’t have a preference on the issue either way, as I am sure neither does he. But as all great politicians know, when you are failing at your job, divert attention.

Tony Mossuto, Oak Forest