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Maddon nixes Schwarber’s plan to play Saturday; maybe Sunday

Kyle Schwarber

MESA, Ariz. – Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber seemed more irritated mentally than physically Friday morning when it came to the sore left knee that confined him to a “light day” of work.

And that didn’t get any better when manager Joe Maddon told the second-year catcher/outfielder he would sit until at least Sunday.

“There’s no real heavy concern other than we just need to make sure we calm it down right now,” Maddon said. “I just talked to him and he wants to play, and I said, `You’re not playing.’

“Let’s see what happens Sunday.”

Schwarber, who left Thursday’s game after experiencing pain on a throw from left field that lingered into his next at-bat, said he was better Friday morning and participated fully in team stretch activities in the morning, including jogging.

“If I can get out there tomorrow, I’ll be in there,” Schwarber said Friday morning before checking in with Maddon. “It was just discomfort.”

Schwarber said he never has had trouble with the knee before Thursday.

Maddon said it’s possible Schwarber could be eased back into game action as a DH.

“It’s that time of the year when you don’t press these kind of moments,” Maddon said. “I think he’s fine, but if the knee’s sore, he’s not playing.”