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Man charged with robbing Norwood Park bank

Surveillance footage of a man who robbed a Northwest Side bank | FBI

A man has been charged with robbing a bank last month in Norwood Park on the Northwest Side.

About 11:30 a.m. Feb. 28, William D. Naselli walked into the TCF Bank branch at 7342 W. Foster Ave. and told a teller “No funny business” while passing a slip of paper saying “Hav Gun Money in Bag No Dy Paks 20’s 50’s 100’s,” according to a federal criminal complaint filed last week in U.S. District Court.

The teller filled a plastic bag with cash and Naselli walked away with $2,186, the complaint alleges.

Over the next week, nine people contacted the FBI’s Chicago field office identifying Naselli as the robber in photos from media reports, authorities said.

A detective called Naselli, who agreed to turn himself in, authorities said. He was arrested Wednesday morning at a bus terminal at Harlem and Higgins avenues.

Naselli confessed to the Foster robbery as well as a March 6 heist of more than $2,600 from another TCF Bank branch inside a Jewel store 4734 N. Cumberland Ave, authorities said. The teller in that robbery didn’t identify anyone from a photo lineup and Naselli hasn’t been charged with it.

A federal judge ordered Naselli held at a hearing Thursday. He is due for a preliminary hearing Monday.