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Boeing begins assembly of next Dreamliner

Boeing Co. says major assembly of the company’s first 787-10 Dreamliner has begun, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Installation of circular frames into a fuselage section by Kawasaki Heavy Industries began Monday.

“Beginning major assembly early underscores the commitment, discipline and performance of the entire Boeing and partner team worldwide,” Ken Sanger, vice president of 787 Airplane Development, said in a news release. “We are taking all the right steps to ensure we integrate the 787-10 into the production system smoothly.”

The 787-10 is a longer version of the 787-9 Dreamliner, which commercial airlines began using in 2014.

The 787-10 will undergo final assembly at a Boeing plant in South Carolina. The new jet is expected to be 25 percent more fuel efficient and reduce emissions.

The company expects to deliver the first 787-10 Dreamliner in 2018. Boeing has received 153 orders for the plane.


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