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Water main break closes Oak Park and River Forest High School

A water main break Wednesday morning at Oak Park and River Forest High School has prompted the closing of the west suburban school for the rest of the day.

The building was vacated by 10:30 a.m. after a water main broke under the daycare playground near the tennis courts at the school at 201 N. Scoville Ave. in Oak Park, according to a statement posted to the OPRF website.

The water was shut off to the entire building, rendering the sprinkler system inoperable, shutting down bathrooms and cutting off food service, according to the statement.

All classes and after-school activities, including athletic practices and games, and the Mr. OPRF competition, are canceled for the rest of the day and evening, according to the statement.

“Without any facilities available, we are not able to provide any alternative activities or supervision for students while the building is closed. We recognize that this will create a major inconvenience, and likely concern, for many families. Please understand that the extremity of the circumstances have necessitated this decision. We do not make it lightly,” the statement said.

It is not known when the building will reopen.