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Walleyes, really big: Fish of the Week

Ian Tyrell iced his lifetime (“to date’’) walleye on Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin earlier this month.

The young man from Joliet caught his 30-inch walleye, weighing 13.2 pounds, with a Rapala Jigging Rap tipped with a minnow head late afternoon.

Dan Holloway III caught a lifetime walleye (6.9 pounds) from the Illinois River Thursday, March 10.

The boat technician at Illinois Valley Outdoors caught it with an orange jig and minnow in 14 feet by the Utica bridge. It was released.

Something to remember that the MWC tournament is this weekend out of Spring Valley.

FOTW, the celebration of big fish and good stories, runs Wednesdays on the Sun-Times outdoors page.

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