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Creator of Indiana’s ‘Illinnoyed’ ads goes to work for enemy

Indiana tried to woo Illinois businesses with several billboards in 2011.
One of the "Illinoyed" billboards, seen in 2011 on Interstate 80/94 near Gary, Indiana. | Sun-Times file photo

The marketing executive who tried to lure businesses to Indiana by asking Illinois residents if they were “Illinnoyed” has crossed enemy lines, so to speak.

Kelly Nicholl has been hired as the first marketing director for the Illinois Business and Development Corp. that Gov. Bruce Rauner recently created.

Until recently, Nicholl was vice president for marketing with the Indiana Economic Development Corp. Among other questions, its billboards and ads across the state line asked residents whether they were “Illinnoyed by higher taxes?”

Nicholl said she’ll “have to try to undo part of [her] hard work in Indiana” and that there are “great assets in Illinois” to highlight. But she offered no clue about what her new slogan might be.