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Norm Winer quits WXRT


Media blogger today Robert Feder reports that Chicago radio legend Norm Winer, who’s been the heart and soul of WXRT FM 93.1 for 37 years, resigned Wednesday — just weeks after he lost his position as program director of the CBS Radio adult album alternative station.

According to the story:

“I have decided to leave WXRT and CBS Radio,” Winer wrote to his staff. “I have been exceptionally fortunate to have been here, surrounded by people who mean so much to me.”

Since January 13 Winer had been relegated to a vaguely define role as director WXRT music initiatives and special programming. The job of program director was eliminated, and Winer’s former duties were divided between operations director Mitch Rosen and music director Kelly Ransford.

Winer, 67, never publicly embraced his new position and declined to comment when it was announced in a statement by Rosen. Sources said Winer was unhappy with the change and chafed in the diminished post under Rosen.

On Wednesday Rosen had nothing but praise for Winer: “When you think of the Mount Rushmore of ’XRT, Norm will always be front and center,” Rosen said.

Read the full story here.