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Civil lawsuit filed against Spanish Vice Lords in Elgin

Sun-Times file photo

A civil lawsuit has been filed against the Spanish Vice Lords in northwest suburban Elgin, marking the fourth such suit in six years against street gangs in Kane County.

Prosecutors filed suits in September 2010 against Latin Kings in Elgin; in May 2012 against Latin Kings in Aurora; and in June 2013 against members Maniac Latin Disciples in Elgin, according to the Kane County state’s attorney office.

The latest suit, filed Friday, seeks to stop 16 members of the Spanish Vice Lords, and the gang as a whole, from congregating in public; possessing weapons and illicit narcotics; or engaging in graffiti or violent behavior, a statement from prosecutors said.

Elgin Police Chief Jeff Swoboda said he is pleased to have another opportunity to shrink gang activity and heighten public safety, he said in the statement.

Prosecutors said the goal is to dramatically cut down the gang’s criminal activities with the suit.

Elgin police researched the criminal histories of gang members, and with the help of the Kane County sheriff’s office, served each member a summons Friday, prosecutors said.

The suit is expected to go to trial before Circuit Judge David Akemann in Geneva on July 5.

According to the 1993 Illinois Streetgang Terrorism Omnibus Prevention Act, gangs which operate to terrorize communities with repeated acts of violence may be held accountable for monetary damages and enjoined from further such activity.