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Former White Sox captain Paul Konerko now playing … hockey?

The famous goatee is a full-fledged beard and the grays are more than a few speckles, but there was no mistaking Paul Konerko. Even if he was in full hockey gear.

What … what?

That is indeed Konerko looking NHL-ready in that classic Oilers uniform during a visit to Wayne Gretzky’s Fantasy Camp.

“Now that I don’t have to worry about getting hurt, I’m all over the place out there now, throwing my body around and trying to block shots and everything,” Konerko told NHL Network’s EJ Hradek about playing hockey in retirement. I played as a kid, so as soon as I got done playing baseball, I got back on the ice. Keeps me in shape and it’s fun.”

No worries, White Sox fans. Paulie is wearing No. 14.

To see the video, go here.