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The Huey news: Singer hangs with Cubs

Huey Lewis spent time in Cubs camp Saturday. (Sun-Times media)

MESA, Ariz. — How do you follow baby bears? With Huey Lewis, of course.

The singer spent Saturday morning in the Cubs camp with friend Rick Sutcliffe. Dressed in uniform, Lewis watched as players stretched while a stereo blared some of his greatest hits: “I Want a New Drug,” “Heart of Rock ‘n Roll,” “Power of Love” and “Working for a Living.”

Lewis will be a guest manager for the Giants, the Cubs’ opponent, later Saturday. That was purchased for a charity donation.

Manager Joe Maddon, who brought in baby bears on Friday, said he listened to Huey Lewis and the News’ album, “Sports,” when he was younger.

He declined an offer from Sutcliffe to stay out late with them the night before.

“I said, ‘Please tell Mr. News I have no bandwidth left,'” he said.

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