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Donald Trump speaking earlier this month in St. Louis. AP file photo

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As I explained the other day, I’m still coming to grips with this being the Year of the Angry American Voter.

One thing I’ve learned from my email inbox is that the anger comes from all corners, not just from Donald Trump’s supporters.

It only seems fair that with so many angry readers wanting to vent that I share their views with a wider audience.

“Aloha Mark, Your column today revealed to me so much more about you and the white racial bubble you and your friends and fellow journalists have lived inside of for most, if not all, of your lives.

“Or are you simply a closet racist who would never say n***** out loud in proper company. I know how much you white folks cringe when one of us tags you. Usually you find another white liberal to absolve you of the black mark.

“So how would you best describe the actions of Trump’s SS-like followers?…You and yours have sat by in near silence and watched from the cheap seats [while] Our (yours and my) Country [was] being hijacked by the lowest elements of  this society: sexist haters, racists, homophobic, ageist. Did even one of you liberals question the press conference when Trump said he was not familiar with the KKK and David Duke!”

“Mahalo, Warner Saunders.”


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Mr. Saunders’ letter was longer, but I believe I’ve fairly boiled it down to its essential elements.

He was responding to my column Thursday, in which I confessed to being part of the news media establishment that had been late in taking Trump’s candidacy seriously, never believing that so many of my fellow Americans would actually vote for him.

Another thing I’ve learned in the Year of the Angry American Voter is that it’s not enough to just be opposed to Trump, you have to really HATE him and all his supporters.

“So today is the day you become a little b***h? I have been reading your article for many years now.

“Today, you chose to write about how ashamed you are for a nice old man being unable to get to his car in absolute peace. Like he was in danger.

“You F*****g B***h. One little old man means nothing compared to a revolution.

“You’re ashamed of the unruly protesters and not the white trash coming in from all directions?  I know I am ashamed of you, and ashamed of the Sun-Times endorsing Hillary. You’re pathetic. You know it. I know it.

“If I ever see you by yourself or with family, I’m gonna make a big scene and call you out as the middle class white supremacist supporter that you are.” — Luke Lubenow

Mr. Lubenow was responding to my March 11 column suggesting anti-Trump demonstrators were unwise to give him an excuse to cancel his planned rally at UIC and out of line afterward for harassing his backers.

In that same column, I observed: “Donald Trump has no business being president, and I think his supporters are misguided at best.”

“I am a 51-year-old man, father of eight, who is truly offended by your statements made about Trump supporters. Misguided at best!!!

“Some of us who have successful careers, education, and knowledge of politics that could possibly rival your own are not misguided but fed up. The arrogance you must possess to write something so ridiculously slanted.

“As a law enforcement professional who has watched this country deteriorate, and watched the complete and total lack of respect for anything or anybody in authority, I’m done! I want a successful businessman with no true ties to politicians or how they conduct business. Our country is in big, trouble and he is the only candidate who I see doing what most of America is thinking.” — Chuck Quinn

Just my opinion: Most of America doesn’t know what most of America is thinking.

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