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Kyle Schwarber comfortable with catcher, LF switches

Kyle Schwarber moved from catcher to left field Sunday, and vice-versa Saturday. (AP)

MESA, Ariz. — Saturday, for the first time all spring, Kyle Schwarber moved from left field to catcher during a game.

In the ninth inning, Schwarber tried to throw out the Giants’ George Kotteras. What came out of Schwarber’s hands looked like a lob wedge — and landed 15 feet right of the bag.

“When I was going to throw, I actually had it gripped and it just came out,” he said. “I was really surprised it ended up there. I was laughing at myself.”

His teammates joined in, too.

Yet the throw wasn’t indicative of Schwarber’s spring behind the plate. While he’s the team’s third-best defender — behind starter Miguel Montero and backup David Ross — he’s proven capable.

Sunday, he started at catcher and then switched to left field.

“He’s been great,” pitcher Jason Hammel said. “I’m sure that at 23, 24 years old you can do those types of things. But he’s been a trouper and he’s learned a lot …

“He cares. If that’s what happens during the season, then I think we’ll be in good shape.”

Maddon seems comfortable with moving him from catcher to left — or vice versa — during the season. He’ll try to rest him later in the season, however.

“When you start in the outfield and catch later in the game, you might feel a little more tired, jogging back an forth from left field,” he said. “But this guy, I don’t think there’s any negative rub any way with him. He’ll be ready to play wherever you want him to play, all the time.”

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