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Cubs’ Dexter Fowler ‘not worried at all’ about left side injury

Dexter Fowler left Sunday's game with tightness in his left side. (AP)

MESA, Ariz. — Dexter Fowler, who left Sunday’s game after one inning with tightness in his left side, said Monday the injury should have no impact on his availability to start the season in one week.

“If there was something to worry about, I’d be worried,” he said. “And I’m not worried at all.”

Still, he is not in the Cubs’ lineup for their Monday game at the Angels.

Fowler left Sunday’s game after hitting a home run, and joked that “I figured I ended on a good note.”

He said he felt tightness in his side before the game, but didn’t when he swung.

“It was more precaution,” he said. “I feel good today, I feel a lot better today.”

When he left the game, Jason Heyward moved to centerfield, where he was later attacked and stung by swarming bees.

“It was probably, I told him, the cologne he was wearing,” Fowler cracked.

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