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Stars sighted in town: Nick Cannon, Fred Willard, Steve Stone

SEEN ON THE SCENE: Fans of music man, TV personality and Mariah Carey’s estranged hubby Nick Cannon swamped him at Hubbard Inn the other night. … Ditto for ESPN sports commentator and analyst Michael Wilbon. … Meanwhile over at Second City, funnyman and actor Mike Birbiglia dropped by to catch the mainstage show, “Panic on Cloud 9,” and then came back the next night to play the set at the improv mecca. Other recent SC sightings have included Second City alums Fred Willard and Scott Adsit, who now is flying high as the voice of the lovable Baymax in “Big Hero 6.” … Former Cy Young Award-winning pitcher and current Sox color commentator Steve Stone was spied lunching at Harry Caray’s in River North.