Sneed: Could high scores on lieutenant’s exam be cheating?

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel running with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. | Provided photo

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The eraser set . . . 

It’s confidential. It’s shocking.

Sources tell Sneed an ongoing internal Chicago Police Department probe — which has been affixed a “confidential” complaint registry number — centers on alleged cheating on the CPD’s lieutenant’s exam.

• The kicker: Several people allegedly involved in the incident include a member of CPD’s top brass, a former member of CPD’s top brass; and the wife of the former member of the CPD’s top brass who allegedly scored huge on the exam.

• Did someone get ahold of the test? Is a study group involved?

Stay tuned.


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The police blotter . . .

Pssst! A little bird in blue tells Sneed former top cop Terry Hillard, who retired in 2003, was a major player in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to consider hiring his “inexperienced, but charismatic” Chief of Patrol Eddie Johnson as the city’s next Chicago Police superintendent.

Sneed is told Hillard, a low-key, respected top cop who stunned everyone when he stepped out of retirement in 2011 at Emanuel’s request to serve as his interim top cop before Emanuel hired Garry McCarthy — was also instrumental in helping Emanuel put together his police security detail. Hillard was a member of former Mayor Jane Byrne’s security detail.)

“A week and a half ago, Rahm knew the list of three selected by the Chicago Police Board were going to be a no go because of certain information he found out on his own,” the source said.

“Rahm was furious,” the source added.

“Rahm respects Hillard, who was very high on Eddie Johnson — who got his first promotion under Terry,” a top police source said.

“It’s safe to say Johnson considered Hillard [who could not be reached for comment] a mentor,” said the source.

Hey! Hey!

Batter up!

The windshield smashed by the “Schwarbomb” dropped on the car of an unsuspecting Cubs fan at spring training during batting practice by left fielder Kyle Schwarber has been purchased by sports impresario Grant DePorter.

“I’m paying more for shipping of the windshield than the winning bid I placed on it,” chirped DePorter, who plans to display it at Harry Caray’s Chicago Sports Museum.

“It’s just in time for the Chicago Cubs baseball regular season, which starts April 4,” said DePorter who added: “I paid $900 for the windshield and it’s costing me $1,014 to ship it!”

Mama mia!

Rahmster & Renzi: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi were spotted jogging north up Fullerton Avenue for 35 minutes early Wednesday morning.

Friendly joggers were greeted with an enthusiastic “Bonjourno!”

• Quipped the mayor: “I’ll never run the trail ‎with that much panache again.”


As per Sneed’s tip Wednesday morning, Mayor Rahm Emanuel did issue an executive order barring non-essential municipal travel to North Carolina, which just passed a law he feels discriminates against gender identify.

“It’s the only way we can affect antidiluvian attitudes like this, hitting them where it really hurts . . . in the pocket,” said Ald. Ed Burke (14th) —  who along with the City Council’s gay caucus — urged Emanuel to respond to North Carolina’s recent enactment of legislation barring transgender people from using bathrooms and changing facilities corresponding to their gender identities.

“We would urge the Chicago Chamber of Commerce to follow suit,” he said.

Burke and the gay caucus, which is comprised of Aldermen Deb Mell (33rd), Tom Tunney (44th), Raymond Lopez (15th), Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th) and James Cappleman (46th), urged Emanuel to direct city agencies, departments, boards and commissions to review all requests for city-funded or city-supported travel to the state of North Carolina — so  long as there is a law in effect there that creates the grounds for discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens.

Ka-ching II!

What’s in a name? Moola! Jennifer Lopez was reportedly paid $1 million bucks to sing at what the Brit press is calling the $1 billion Moscow wedding of Said Gutseriev, the son of a Russian oligarch. (Sting and Enrique Iglesias also sang.)

• In one Instagram video, Lopez claims correctly pronouncing their names was “the hardest thing I had to do today.”

Sneedlings . . . 

Today’s birthdays: Christopher Walken, 73; Al Gore, 68, and William Daniels, 89.

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