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Letters: More power to Friends of the Parks on Lucas Museum

A rendering of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. | Distributed by the Associated Press

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After agreeing to a refurbishing (I use the term loosely) of Soldier Field, how in the world can the great city of Chicago possibly allow another hideous eyesore like the Lucas Museum be constructed on our beautiful lakefront? First and foremost, the artist rendering is horrific and that is cleaning up my feelings a lot. Secondly, short memories must run rampant among our so-called power brokers. Apparently no one remembers the interactive Disney facility or the ESPN Zone. Both went the way of the dinosaur once the novelty wore off. Expect the same thing when or if this monstrous mistake is allowed to go forward. Hopefully, Friends of the Parks will prevail this time and save our city from another embarrassing decision.

John Schow, Near North Side

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Stop vilifying teachers

As usual, those who make the greatest sacrifices to uplift the underclass in our neoliberal culture are the ones who are made to bear the burden of the failure of the political class to safeguard our children’s future. Teachers, on behalf of their students, are perpetually put in the position of supplicants demanding for those students that which is guaranteed by the Constitution: a fair and equitable education. The false dichotomy that schools can only exist if teachers who work under brutal conditions for little pay sacrifice more, can only make sense in a business dominated culture where people are not valued but profit is the god that must be served. If you are our very wealthy governor or mayor, you have to demonize and castigate teachers as selfish. The situation is beyond parody.

Edward D. Juillard, Morgan Park

In poor taste

Your “Game Face” photo of Joe Maddon (Feb. 29) shows an out-of-shape, older man wearing an embarrassing, juvenile, expletive-ridden T-shirt and riding a bike. Was that lamentable image intended to display the admirable characteristics of an exemplary role model, mentor or leader? Simply put, what was the point of using a full page of your newspaper for that purpose?

Leon J. Hoffman, Lake View

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