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Cubs payroll to top $150 million for first time

MESA, Ariz. — The Cubs finalized the last of their player contracts, announcing Friday agreements with all their pre-abritration players.

That included Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant, who will make $652,000 this season.

The five others projected to make the opening roster: pitcher Kyle Hendricks ($541,000), infielder Tommy La Stella ($532,000), shortstop Addison Russell ($527,000), left fielder/catcher Kyle Schwarber ($522,000) and infielder/outfielder Javy Baez ($521,000).

That brings the 25-man Opening Day payroll to franchise-record $149.2 million plus the 25th man – which could be a choice between an eighth reliever (Rex Brothers, for instance, makes $1.42 million) or a fifth outfielder (Shane Victorino gets $1 million if he makes the club.

The payroll figure also includes the Cubs’ share of the $11 million Edwin Jackson makes pitching for the Marlins this year.