The year in review: Richard Roeper’s worst movies of 2015

SHARE The year in review: Richard Roeper’s worst movies of 2015
SHARE The year in review: Richard Roeper’s worst movies of 2015

We go from bad to worse with this list, starting with the 10th lousiest film and ending with the most odious of them all.

10. At Number 10, “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” which managed to drain all the outrageous and absurd laughs from the original. This is a mind-numbingly unfunny comedy.

9. Number 9, “The Fantastic Four.” Remember that dopey version of “The Fantastic Four” from 2005? Well, this one is just as awful. After an intriguing prelude, it’s just loud and stupid and truly dopey.

8. At Number Eight, here’s another reboot that was DOA. The next-generation edition of “Vacation” was crude, offensive, ugly and crass.

7. You’ve probably never heard of my pick for the seventh-worst film of 2015. Lucky you. “The Cobbler” stars Adam Sandler, who takes a break from lousy comedies to headline this horribly ill-conceived, period-piece fantasy story. It’s so bad I’d almost recommend you check it out so you can be as appalled as I was, but I like you too much to do that to you.

6. At Number Six: another sequel with none of the appeal of the original. “Magic Mike XXL” is a road-trip movie about dim-bulb male strippers heading for one last big performance before they chase their post-pole dance dreams. Halfway through, I was rooting for that RV to drive right off a cliff.

5. At Number Five, one of the worst movies of Robert De Niro’s career: “The Heist.” Everything about this caper flick feel contrived and forced. And the performances from a very talented cast are shockingly bad.

4. The fourth-worst film of 2015 is “The Last Witch Hunter.” Vin Diesel lumbers and mumbles his way through a Razzie-worthy performance as, well, the last witch hunter. One can only hope.

3. At Number Three, “The Age of Adaline,” starring the lovely but hopelessly lost Blake Lively as a woman who stops aging as the result of a stupid screenplay. This movie paints itself into a truly creepy corner when Adaline comes face to face with her past, in the form of her current lover’s father.

2. At Number Two, “By the Sea,” an incredibly dull vanity project from writer-director Angelina Jolie. She and her husband Brad Pitt are a beautiful, bickering, irritating couple, and the more time we spend with them, the less interesting they become. What a dull film.

1. And the absolute worst movie of 2015 is “Jupiter Ascending.” Mila Kunis plays a toilet-scrubbing Chicago maid who is actually the chosen one to save mankind, as she learns when Channing Tatum’s Caine arrives on the scene. Caine is an interplanetary hunter who’s half-wolf, half-human, and he zips around on flying skates, and it’s even worse than it sounds. This is an incomprehensible disaster with characters who have names such as Sargon and Plith and Greeghan and Falque. Anyone who watches this movie is Falqued.

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