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Thursday Letters: Ken Dunkin won’t bow to Emperor Madigan

State Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago (AP / Charles Rex Arbogast)

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Illinois democrats have been bowing to Emperor Mike Madigan for far too long. Along comes a breath of fresh air in state Rep. Ken Dunkin, who is willing to risk his career be refusing to rubber-stamp Illinois House Speaker Madigan’s agenda. What does Dunkin get for his efforts at bi-partisanship? President Barack Obama and the Sun Times editorial board back his March 15 primary race challenger and call him out with the audacity to claim he is in the governor’s pocket. Well, what about the other Democrats in Springfield, who have been in Madigan’s pocket their whole career, afraid to cast a vote that would anger him?

Scot Sinclair, Gurnee

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Rauner should do his job

Gov. Bruce Rauner, as usual, is accusing Speaker Mike Madigan and the House Democrats of not doing their jobs. That is part of the problem, but the biggest part is that Rauner has not done his job all year. There is no budget in sight. The state is not paying its bills. There is a growing debt ratio. Social service programs are in dire straits. There is no compassion from Rauner for the poor, the needy, the elderly or veterans. Universities are about to close their doors because he is holding back funds, and students may have to leave college because he won’t fund MAP grants. So tell me, who is not doing his job?

Rauner is a one-term governor!

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park