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CBS reveals more details of ‘Supergirl’ TV series reports that CBS has yet to cast its “Supergirl,” but the network “gave some tantalizing details about what the network’s entry into the superhero genre will be like.”

According to the story, “Appearing at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour in Pasadena on Monday, CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler was pressed for details about the project — which marks the network’s first entry into the genre since 1990’s short-lived version of “The Flash” — while critics also wondered why the network swooped in and grabbed the show rather than putting the series on its sister network, the superhero-stuffed The CW.”


‘Supergirl’ star found: ‘Glee’ actress Melissa Benoist

The story further reports that Tassler emphasized the show will have serialized elements.

CBS has been searching for the perfect actress for several weeks and sources say the network is leaning toward a lesser-known performer for the role. CBS has a costume design ready to go — one that Tassler was most definitely excited about. “We have seen the costume,” she said. “Awesome costume.”

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