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Ryan Adams covers Bryan Adams, and both are headed to Chicago

It was inevitable… no matter how much American alt-country rocker Ryan Adams protested ANYONE who made reference to Canadian popster Bryan Adams’ similar moniker/music styles (remember when RYAN had a concertgoer booted from a Nashville venue because the heckler asked for BRYAN’S “Summer of ’69”?) — it was only a matter of time until RYAN, well, just embraced it.

And embrace he did, at a concert in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Oct. 1. with a cover of BRYAN’S “Run To You.”

Chicagoans can get their fill of either or both as the two artists will grace the stage of the Chicago Theatre, 175 N. State, later this month: RYAN on Oct. 16 ( and BRYAN on Oct. 20 (also

Wonder if anyone bought tickets to the, uhm, wrong show? Could happen!

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