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Schaumburg mom asks for mercy in death of her disabled daughter

Bonnie Liltz (left) appears at the Rolling Meadows courthouse on Tuesday . | Mark Welsh/Daily Herald via AP

For 23 years, Bonnie Liltz loved and cared for her severely disabled daughter, Courtney. Never once did she feel it was a burden, the Schaumburg mother told a Rolling Meadows courtroom Wednesday.

“Every day was a privilege,” Liltz said.

Yet last year, fearing she was dying and that Courtney would be sent to state facility where she would receive substandard care, Liltz fed herself and her 28-year-old daughter a lethal dose of prescription drugs.

“The thought of her living in an institution for the rest of her life was more than I could bear,” said Liltz, testifying at her sentencing hearing Wednesday.

Liltz, originally charged with first-degree murder, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of involuntary manslaughter of a family member earlier this week, but she will have to wait a week before she learns her fate. After an emotional, 40-minute hearing, Cook County Judge Joel Greenblatt said he will announce his sentence May 18.

Cook County prosecutors have recommended Liltz be sentenced to three to four years of probation.