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2 years in prison for stalking Riverside Brookfield teacher

Cyrus Chamanara. | Riverside police

A Berwyn man who was previously convicted of stalking former NBA player and coach Jeff Hornacek has been sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to stalking and harassing a Riverside Brookfield High School teacher for 14 years.

Cook County Circuit Judge Gregory R. Ginex also ordered Cyrus Chamanara, 36, to serve two years of supervised release.

Chamanara pleaded guilty May 16 to felony stalking and misdemeanor telephone harassment, according to the Riverside police.

The teacher’s testimony had helped convict Chamanara of trespassing at the school in 2002, police said. Chamanara told police after his arrest in March that he stalked the teacher because the trespassing conviction kept him from getting a job he wanted.

Chamanara had been convicted of stalking Hornacek in Illinois and Arizona in 2010 and put on five years of probation in Arizona in that case.