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Dog found shot on Downstate bridge recovering from injuries

Americans spend enormous sums caring for their dogs and cats, writes Mona Charen. And while that raises questions about our priorities, she writes, she is thankful for her pets on this Thanksgiving. | Rick Danzl/The News-Gazette, distributed by the Associated Press

URBANA, Ill. — A dog that had been shot and suspended from a rural eastern Illinois bridge is eating and recovering from a long list of injuries.

A University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital spokeswoman tells The (Bloomington) Pantagraph that the Labrador mix, known as Bear, is getting better but still needs 24-hour care for an unknown amount of time.

Bear was found April 20 tied to a high spot on a bridge near Sibley, Illinois, with his mouth taped shut so he couldn’t bark. He had wounds from gunshot pellets, a broken jaw, infected eyes and other injuries.

A crowdfunding effort has raised more than $21,500 to pay for Bear’s veterinary care.

Police continue to investigate the case.