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Dreaming of a Cubs-White Sox World Series? You should be

Cubs teammates greet Javy Baez after his walk-off, 13th-inning home run against the Nationals on Sunday. It raised the team's record to a major-league best 24-6. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

There’s no “too early’’ when it comes to talking about a Cubs-White Sox World Series. There’s only “too late,’’ usually after the first week of the season.

Everyone can look at the calendar and see that it’s May. If the baseball calendar were a growth chart, May would be a toddler. We haven’t even gotten to June, the teen years. So many things can happen. Angst. Rebellion. Girls. Cars. The infield fly rule.

But so many good things have happened to this point that it’s impossible not to consider a crosstown World Series. And why deprive ourselves? Chris Sale facing Kris Bryant? Jake Arrieta staring down Jose Abreu? Fans riding the CTA north, south and back again? It would be an el of a thing.

At 24-6, the Cubs have the best record in baseball. At 22-10, the Sox have the second-best record in baseball. The Cubs are winning 80 percent of their games. They can’t keep that up. If they did, they would win 130 games. Not even Joe Maddon’s undying optimism has room for that number. If the Sox keep up their pace, they’ll win 112 games. You can see why the town has lost its mind.

I’d like to say that every Chicago baseball fan is so happy about his team that he doesn’t have time to rip on the crosstown rival, but I know better. Dogs and cats. Democrats and Republicans. Cubs fans and Sox fans.

No championship is won in April and May, but it can be lost there. So talk about it while you can. Both teams have the staying power to make this a season-long conversation. Both have great pitching staffs.

Yes, we are getting ahead of ourselves. That’s the whole idea of sports, isn’t it? To dream big?

If it’s too much for you, if the concept of a Cubs-Sox World Series is too large to process, the teams play each other July 25-28, with the first two games at The Cell, the final two at Wrigley Field. Concentrate on that target. Trust me, it will be big enough.