Jimmy Butler may be the most copied player in the NBA

SHARE Jimmy Butler may be the most copied player in the NBA
SHARE Jimmy Butler may be the most copied player in the NBA

Over the last year and a half, Jimmy Butler has emerged as a star in the NBA. He’s a two-way player who is taking the leadership role for the Bulls.

But that’s not why he’s becoming the most copied player in the league.

Friday, GQ gave out their NBA “2016 NBA All-Stars (of Hair)” awards. At the very top of the list was the Bulls guard. Butler received superlative for “The Most Copied Haircut in the NBA.”

There are certainly NBA stars more well-versed in the art of fashion, but when it comes to haircuts, no one has been more influential this season than Jimmy Butler. His signature fade—a sort of messier, modern version of a flat-top—has been spotted on everyone from Anthony Davis to Nick Young to even Jimmy’s own teammate Derrick Rose. We’re not sure what it is about the look that makes it so enviable (maybe it’s the fact that Butler got a max contract in the offseason) but, hey, we dig it.

Before the start of this season, Butler let his hair grow out compared to previous seasons. As stated by GQ, even Derrick Rose copped the look for a few weeks. However, Rose has since gone back to his normal look.

Butler is one of three players to make GQ’s list and also be an actual All-Star, joining Kawhi Leonard (For Keeping Braids Alive) and Klay Thompson (Most Likely to Have Used a Goatee Template). Unfortunately, unlike the other two, Butler won’t be playing in the game due to injury.

Despite his injury, Butler has some big plans for his time in Toronto for the game. Specifically, hanging out with Toronto-native Drake. Everyone will truly know how popular Butler’s haircut is if Drake has it in his next video.

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