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Anthony Davis is a Green Bay Packers fan, prays to meet Aaron Rodgers

New Orleans Pelicans All-Star forward Anthony Davis grew up on the South Side of Chicago, attending Perspectives Charter High School. But Davis doesn’t like everything about Chicago, especially the professional football team.

The former University of Kentucky star, also known as “The Brow” for his prolific unibrow, told 120 Sports he grew up a Green Bay Packers fan because the Bears were going through their dark days.

“I know a lot of Bears fans, and the Chicago guys are going to get mad at me, but this is when the Bears were struggling a little bit, going through a quarterback change,” Davis said. “I moved up to the green and yellow land up there. I’m not going to lie, I love the Packers.”

Davis said he’s good friends with former University of Kentucky and Packers receiver Randall Cobb, and the 22-year-old NBA All-Star prays to see the day when he gets to meet quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I’m a big fan,” Davis said about Rodgers.

When Thanksgiving comes around, and the Bears and Packers are on television, Davis said him and his dad, who’s a Bears fan, won’t talk to each other.

Now that’s what you call a divided family.