Friday Letters: Long fight for justice for Koschman

SHARE Friday Letters: Long fight for justice for Koschman
SHARE Friday Letters: Long fight for justice for Koschman

High-ranking cops who mishandled the investigation of the death of David Koschman in 2004 finally are feeling the sting of punishment.

All it took was Nanci Koschman’s relentless advocacy to uncover the facts of her son’s death; dogged reporting by Sun-Times investigative writers; a major investigation by marquee attorney Dan Webb laying skullduggery bare; the firing of the police commissioner who had let sleeping dogs lie; pressure from City Hall Inspector General Joseph Ferguson to render punishment; and Acting Superintendent John Escalante, under extreme pressure from the Feds who are investigating the whole Chicago Police Department, finally doing the right thing.

We saw 12 years of justice being sidetracked before Richard J. Vanecko was charged, and an additional four years before the cops involved in protecting Vanecko were charged. Is it any wonder Chicagoans and others have lost faith in its police department and how justice is rendered?

Ted Z. Manuel, Hyde Park

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Trust teachers over pols

The public is absolutely right in placing its trust in teachers rather than members of the political class to solve the Chicago Public School crisis. The school system has been continually attacked by Gov. Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, firm adherents of the neoliberal mantra of socialized cost and risk with privatized profit: charter schools. The mayor’s addition-by-subtraction approach in closing 50 schools to improve the system rightfully elicited outrage for its lunacy. Let the people who work hard for the good of public school children fix the system.

Edward David Juillard, West Beverly

Rauner sabotaging Chicago

Gov. Rauner, the man who doth protest too much, deliberately sabotaged the state, Chicago’s mayor and the Chicago Public School system just to get what he wants — a bankrupt city and school system. I’m quite sure he reached out to his banker friends on Wall Street to gouge CPS and to hang the taxpayers. Rauner is overwhelmingly focused on destroying unions, lowering wages and diminishing the bargaining power of unions. He is a “one percenter” doing his best to devastate the city and CPS.

By no means is the governor a success. A year in office and he has accomplished nothing.

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

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