Letters: Don’t make Chicago’s plastic bag law even worse

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Does the city of Chicago really need another user fee as you called for in your Aug. 9 editorial, “To aid environment, charge for bags at stores?” Not only is a plastic bag user fee a tax, it’s one Chicago can’t afford to levy on its constituents.

Chicagoans are inundated with taxes. The 10.25 percent sales tax that incorporates Cook County’s one percentage-point hike starting January 1, will be the highest of any major U.S. city. Aldermen should ask their constituents how they feel about the higher school fees for books, supplies, school activities and other costs about which they’ve been notified. Plastic bag user fees don’t prove popular. In mid-June, the Dallas City Council repealed its five-cent tax on plastic grocery bags.

The editorial rightly notes that stores and manufactures have invested millions of dollars over the past 15 months to prepare for the reusable bag ordinance that took effect Aug. 1. We would hope the City Council rebukes any attempts to change the ordinance and focus its attention on making sure its enforcement is fair and equitable.

Relatedly, Alderman George Cardenas’ suggestion to ban the new reusable plastic bags outright is a knee-jerk reaction that simply would place an undue burden on Chicago’s working families and businesses alike. If the city truly feels the policy isn’t appropriate, perhaps it would be best to repeal it rather than make it worse.

Phil Rozenski Sr., director of sustainability, Novolex, representative, American Progressive Bag Alliance

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Presidential candidates should give up day jobs while running

So far, we have 23 people vying for the presidential nomination 15 months before the general election next year. And this number, in all probability, will increase during the next few weeks.

Most of these contenders are elected politicians, virtually abdicating their positions while still drawing full salaries at the expense of American taxpayers. This is a somewhat unintended consequence of the electoral process that supportive constituents see as sidestepping their responsibilities, violating campaign promises. Each office holder was elected to fully execute and diligently work to accomplish the goals of the partisan electorate.

I see this as the betrayal of trust and confidence. I propose that all politicians once they declare their candidacy for president resign immediately. This will sort out those who really think they can be elected and those who don’t. Additionally, all non-politicians should take a leave of absence without pay, including suspension of all financial interests from the date of entering the race until the inauguration of the new president.

This proposal may temporarily allay concerned taxpayer’s skepticism of a politician’s hidden objectives — until a high-profile, contentious lawmaker decides to overrule it.

 James D. Cook, Schaumburg

Trump is what America needs

Nice job Sun-Times staff for finding a Kool-Aid drinking liberal democrat letter writer (from Hyde Park, no less) to address the Donald Trump issue. Many Americans are still looking for work. The illegal aliens coming here to our ‘sanctuary city’ are looking for work. In your own paper on Tuesday, you outlined a problem concerning a $500 million dollar shortfall at the CPS system, and finally, people are leaving the state in droves looking for work.

The State of Illinois is bluer than blue and broker than broke. The federal government is following suit. Along with other states like California. This liberal democrat economy (despite a propped up jobs report) was last noted at 0.25 per cent growth. Our hospitals are overrun with illegal aliens who pay nothing and our citizens can’t afford health care. It is time for a change and the republicans are working off of a scrap heap of candidates. They have no one. Trump walked in off the street and is leading the pack. And gaining momentum. He is not going away. Wishful thinking on easing another liberal in. We are in trouble and we need a new face on our nation. A businessman. A leader. A negotiator.

J. Ries, Tinley Park

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